Worth knowing about us

The company Lorito SA (Société Anonyme) was founded in 1923 in Vevey, on Lake Geneva. Since 1998 the head office has been located on approx. 20000 m2 of land in Allersberg, south of Nuremberg.
Further subsidiaries exist in Berlin, Braunschweig, Hanover, Leipzig, and Frankfurt as well as in various European countries. Major consumers in Germany and the EU are supplied with their own long-distance works transport. We are a member of several research communities and professional associations (e.g. IHO, IKW, VCI, FRT, ARGEB). Furthermore, we are participants in the Bavarian Environmental Pact. We are represented with our stand at trade fairs in Germany and abroad.

Our products

Since 1923, all recipes for cleaning and care products have been produced in-house for bulk consumers. They are free of CFCs, chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents. As far as possible, renewable raw materials are used to fulfill our obligations ecologically and economically.
Also, our cleaning agents comply with the legal regulations of the EU Preparation Directive 1999/45/EC, the Detergents and Cleaning Agents Act (WRMG 1987), the Chemicals Act (ChemG, new version 2002) and the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefstoffV). This means that if the products are used correctly, risks to human health must be excluded.
As is generally known, the EU operates consistent legislation, in particular, this also applies to chemicals legislation (REACH). Against this background, we would like to inform you that the legal requirements for environmental protection as well as for the protection of human health have been and are fulfilled in our company at all times.

When existing possibilities exist, we naturally go beyond the legal requirements and offer our customers products with maximized environmental compatibility and user protection. For example, we offer products with the „EU Flower“ according to the ECO-Labelling legislation EU Eco-label / Directive 2005/344/EC, for which an „Environmental Impact Assessment“ according to the EIA questionnaire is generally unnecessary. Our disinfectants are listed in the Association of Applied Hygiene (VAH, formerly DGHM) as well as various sanitary cleaners in the RK list. The sales range is supplemented by auxiliary means, equipment trolleys and machines.

Our endeavor for the environment

With our variety of special cleaning agents and machines, we offer you a complete solution for cleanliness and hygiene. You will be optimally looked after by our trained specialist consultants. We organize seminars for our customers under the direction of renowned speakers.


Our salesmen are visiting our customers with electric cars which are charged by own solar power.

60% of the factory power consumption is paid by own solar power

Our bottles are made from 100% recycling material