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Awards/ Product Listings

Kitchen/Sanitary/Surface Disinfectants VAH (former DGHM) listed

The disinfectant list of the VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) has been the proven reference for effectiveness-tested products for prophylactic disinfection for many years. This quality assurance is not only relevant for the medical sector, but also for public institutions and in case of illness even for private households. It has been proven that the majority of infections originate in private households. For the first time, the VAH list also includes information on efficacy against viruses.

Kitchen/Sanitary and Surface Disinfectants DVG Listed

The German Veterinary Medicine Society (DVG) is the scientific society of veterinary medicine. Veterinarians from universities, practice, industry, authorities, ministries and research institutes meet in 36 specialist groups as well as in special working groups/committees under the umbrella of the DVG. Founded in 1951, the DVG is the oldest veterinary medicine organization in Germany. The DVG administers several foundations and awards research prizes to outstanding scientists.

List of tested cleaning agents in swimming pools for pool bodies and components made of stainless steel (RE list) and ceramic coverings (RK list)

The German Society for Bathing (Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e. V.) (DGfdB) is a regulatory institution. Its publications enjoy an excellent reputation among experts. From a technical point of view, they can be equated with DIN standards and in many cases used in court, they are the indispensable prerequisite for the safe construction and operation of public swimming pools. The guidelines of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e. V. are drawn up in a public procedure, which also includes the possibility of objection or appeal. The principles of the DGfdB rules and regulations are determined by the rules and regulations of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen e. V. (German Bathing Society).

Ecolabel for sanitary and all-purpose cleaners

The EU Ecolabel is the EU eco-label recognized in all Member States of the European Union, but also by Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Introduced in 1992 by an EU regulation (EEC 880/92), the voluntary eco-label has gradually become a reference for consumers who wish to reduce pollution by purchasing more environmentally friendly products and services.


13 years member of the ISSA

ISSA is the most widely perceived association in the cleaning industry. More than 6000 manufacturers and dealers are members. Several times a year the ISSA/Interclean takes place in e.g. Amsterdam, Las Vegas or Warsaw. Here you can contact local members and establish important business relationships.

Member of the Industrieverband, Hygiene und Oberflächenschutz für Industrielle und institutionelle Anwendung e.V. (Industrial Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection for Industrial and Institutional Applications)

Since 1992, the association has represented predominantly small and medium-sized companies in an industry which, through its services in the field of cleaning, disinfection, and care in professional applications, has a high significance for consumer protection and value preservation. IHO is a trade association for the manufacturers of professional washing, cleaning, care, disinfection, and surface treatment agents.

Member of the German Chemical Industry Association (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.) (VCI)

The Association of the Chemical Industry e.V. (VCI) is the trade association of the chemical industry in Germany based in Frankfurt am Main. The VCI is a registered association and member of the Federation of German Industries. It represents the interests of the industry vis-à-vis politics and authorities as well as other sectors of the economy, science, and the media. As a member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), it is actively involved in European lobbying. International topics are coordinated by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), to which the VCI also contributes.

Member of the Industrieverband Körperpflege- und Waschmittel e. V. (Industrial Association for Body Care and Detergents)

Companies in the cosmetics and detergent industries make an important contribution to the positive economic development in Germany. The products cover a basic requirement of daily life and are therefore less susceptible to economic fluctuations. Again and again, the member companies of the IKW prove to be a rock in the economic surf.

Member of the Research Association for Cleaning and Hygiene Technology e.V. (FRT)

The European Research Association for Cleaning and Hygiene Technology e.V. (FRT) was founded in 1991 by well-known industrial companies and entered in the register of associations in Krefeld. It is recognized by the tax office Krefeld as a non-profit organization. As a member of the Association of Industrial Research Associations "Otto-von-Guericke" e.V. (AiF), it has access to the funding program of the Federal Ministry of Economics to support the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies.

Member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria

The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the government of the Free State of Bavaria and Bavarian industry and is based on voluntarism, individual responsibility, and cooperation. In the Environmental Pact, the participants declare their firm conviction that the natural foundations of life can be better protected with the help of voluntary and reliable cooperation between the state and industry than with laws and ordinances alone.